-Industry News2019-11-30

YOYOSO New Lynn Store in New Zealand Opened Successfully!

  YOYOSO, the aesthetic lifestyle designer brand, opened in New lynn, New zealand successfully on Sept. 8th , 2019, which attracts large amount of visitors to purchase and feel the charm of aesthetic living store.


  Opened in Auckland, New Lynn is New Zealand's largest city, major transportation hub, one of the largest ports in the Southern Hemisphere and famous international metropolis worldwide. As the heart of New Zealand's economy, culture, shipping and tourism, Auckland is also New Zealand's largest port city and one of the most developed cities in the world. Due to its developed economy, pleasant environment, high standard of living and fascinating scenery, Auckland has been awarded as one of the most liveable and beautiful cities in the world for many years.


  In recent years, the number of tourists visiting New Zealand has growing sharply. Added with the emphasis on infrastructure construction in New Zealand, the construction of transportation, shopping malls and other infrastructure come to be complete, which also provides favorable conditions for the presence of YOYOSO. On the one hand,the brands in New Zealand can enable local consumers and tourists to buy more quality products. On the other hand, consumers around the world can feel the quality service brought by chain brands. Different stores, same convenience and comfort, brings customers high cost performance shopping experience.


  YOYOSO firmly believes that New Zealand is not only a beautiful country, but also a market with great development potential. Oceania is also the New World for brand to further expand. YOYOSO will provide high-quality, creative and good-priced products for New Zealand consumers, while also focusing on creating a shopping environment of freedom, comfort and pleasant for the local consumers.

  In the future, with the comprehensive development of YOYOSO's globalization strategy, the brand will enter more countries and regions to create super cost-effective aesthetics for more consumers around the world.