-YOYOSO University2020-05-08

Fast fashion department store purchase strategy

  The purchase is a very important segment if start a business as entrepreneurs, basically few of their own independent research and development to the production to the sales terminal, the purchase is also the key to the success of many entrepreneurs, fast fashion department store is the same, Let us have a look fast fashion department store purchase strategy.

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  Purchasing channel

  A good source of goods can not only guarantee the quality of the product, but also reduce the cost. There are a lot of purchasing channels in the market, generally speaking is wholesale market purchase, manufacturers purchase, online platform purchase, join brand purchase. In the selection of channels, we should consider its feasibility and convenience, carefully understand the conditions of purchase, as far as possible to choose stable and reliable, high quality and low price channels, otherwise it will lead to a relatively large change in the quality of products, affecting the profit level of fast fashion department stores.

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  Purchasing price

  Fast fashion department stores rely on small profits and more sales, the profit space of a single product is limited, in order to obtain considerable income, it is necessary to control the purchase price, so that the risk of be reduced. Operators should have a unique vision, from the numerous purchase channels to select high-quality, cheap products, as far as possible to spend less cost to buy more products, reduce procurement costs.

  Purchase period

  Shortening the purchase period allows customers to keep fresh every time they enter the store, improve the rate of re-purchase, and achieve a multi-buy, Operators should constantly improve the speed of updating goods, timely replenishment, keep up with the trend of the market, constantly introduce new products, use new products to retain customers, so as to achieve "weekly new products, monthly updates ", increase the frequency of customers to buy.

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  Purchase quantity

  When the purchase, the first bacth purchase quantity should not be too much, according to the product sales to estimate, determine the quantity of each product. Pay attention to the store's light peak season, with a forward-looking view to purchase goods, in the peak season, can increase the number of products; off-season is appropriate to reduce the number of products, to avoid fast fashion department stores to store goods.

  Purchase proportion

  Fast fashion department store start-up strategy of the purchase, in determining the proportion of each product, the fast fashion department store to subdivide the target customer, determine which part is the main source of sales, buy the products according to their favourite, other products can be properly purchased some. This requires operators to understand clearly in advance, and according to the proportion of consumer demand to determine the type of products, so that shops do not lose money.