-Industry News2019-09-09

YOYOSO opened Tera Mall store in Saudi Arabia with the high popularity, the development of Middle East market being accelerating!

  On August 30th, 2019, the aesthetics life designer brand YOYOSO, opened the Tera Mall store in Saudi Arabia with the high popularity. Till the night, there were still a great number of local consumers visiting and purchasing in the store, with a whole new experience of “fashion, comfort, nature” brought by the aesthetic design.


  Known as the “Oil Kingdom”, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries which have the most oil reserves, production and sales in the world. Thanks to the oil export, Saudi Arabia’s economy has always maintained a fast growth momentum, but also buried the hidden dangers of single economic structure and serious polarization. Meanwhile, due to the shortage of water resources, the light industry, especially the manufacturing industry, is backward, and the industrial products are largely dependent on the imports from Europe and America. YOYOSO’s rapid growth in Saudi Arabia is a testimony to the huge demand from local consumers for super-high cost-effective aesthetic products. At the same time, it also marks that the product and business model of YOYOSO is very popular, not only in China and other Asian countries, but also in the globe, which means it can be well fused with different cultures --- good brand, no borders.


  YOYOSO continues to make efforts in overseas markets and expand the international markets in depth. Its brand influence and reputation are becoming more strong and better day by day, which is the power of the trend and the inevitable result. At the beginning of the establishment of our brand, YOYOSO was deeply aware of that, no matter what nationality, no matter what color, no matter what class, every consumer will have the hope of getting the psychology of “super-high cost performance” through choosing in the purchasing, so a brand should provide its own efficiency to meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, YOYOSO seized the two key points of “aesthetic fashion” and “super-high cost performance” to guide the brand development and product development, and soon won the favor and praise from global consumers, especially the young.


  In the future, YOYOSO will enter more countries and regions to promote the international development of physical retail, which will let more consumers get the unprecedented and new shopping experience.