-Industry News2019-09-11

YOYOSO India Bangalore Vega City Mall Opened Successfully!

  YOYOSO, the aesthetic lifestyle designer brand, opened in Vega City Mall, Bangalore, southern India on Sept. 6th , 2019. With high popularity, it attracts large amount of visitors to purchase and feel the charm of the aesthetic living store.



  Bangalore, located in southern India, is the fifth largest city in India and the capital of Kamataka State. It is also an industrial and commercial center in South India with the reputation of "Garden City". Meanwhile, Bangalore is the richest and most dynamic city in India and known as Silicon Valley of Asia, which has been set offices by world's leading information technology companies and has developed into the world's fifth largest information technology center with India's oldest universities and research institutes. YOYOSO believes in the unlimited potential of the Indian market. As the brand continues to penetrate the market, it will bring more high-quality and diverse shopping experiences to local consumers, satisfying young people's needs of fashionable and comfortable, practical and convenient.




  YOYOSO is developing rapidly in India. In order to meet the needs of India's huge consumer groups for high quality living, YOYOSO combines the concept of internationalization and the localization to select products for local consumers and to purchase products through targeted procurement. It has developed a series of products from kitchen utensils, travel goods, perfume aromatherapy, doll toys and make-up skin care, which is more in line with the consumption habits and design aesthetics of international consumers.



  Up to now, YOYOSO has reached in-depth strategic partnerships with more than 30 countries around the world such as Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Bahrain, Brunei, Georgia, Kuwait, India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Mongolia, Brazil, the United States, Guatemala, Ecuador, France, Russia and Iraq, etc, with more than 1000 stores.



  YOYOSO looks forward to working with more international business partners to promote the development of retail department stores in the future!