-Industry News2019-09-12

YOYOSO India Market Set Sail with Strong Momentum!

  On Sept. 5th , 2019, YOYOSO Brand Launch Conference was successfully held in Bangalore, India. YOYOSO India Partner, Mr. Adeeb Ahamed, President of Tablez, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lulu Group, and Mr. Xie Wenliang, founder and director of YOYOSO, jointly attended the conference and the opening ceremony of two YOYOSO stores in Bangalore, receiving attention and reports from more than 30 local news media in India.



  The success of YOYOSO India brand launch event marks the first step for YOYOSO in Indian market. As a subsidiary of the international retail giant LULU Group - Tablez, positioning fast fashion young consumer groups, has successfully operated 13 international brands such as Springfield, Go Sport, Women's Secret in the Indian market, YOYOSO's rapid development in the Indian market, will be with Tablez Together, broaden the development path of the brand and meet the local consumers needs of super cost-effective and aesthetic fast fashion in a broader perspective.



  Mr. Adeeb Ahamed, President of Tablez, the Partner of YOYOSO in India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lulu Group, shared at the press conference, “YOYOSO has satisfied the demand of fast fashion products in Indian huge market and growing middle class, making up for this market gap. TABLEZ is the only partner of YOYOSO in India and will fully promote the YOYOSO brand. In the next three years, YOYOSO will open 150 stores in the Indian market; and in the first phase, 30 stores will be opened. ”


  Mr. Xie Wenliang, co-founder and director of YOYOSO, gave full confidence at the press conference. “India is the land of hope and the country of fashion. I believe that through the joint efforts of YOYOSO headquarters and Tablez team, Tablez will definitely Develop YOYOSO into an outstanding brand of high-quality lifestyle in the local department store retail industry!"


  YOYOSO Aesthetic Life Designer Brand, which has more than 5000 fashion products, upgrades over 500 new items per month, and mainly engaged in 8 categories including Healthy Cosmetology, Creative Furnishing, Seasonal Products, Culture, Sports and Gifts, Popular Bags&Ornaments, Popular Ornaments, Digital Accessories and Leisure Foods to meet the needs of cost-effective and fast fashion products for the world's 18-35-year-old young consumer groups, and to enhance the quality of life and happiness. At present, YOYOSO has successfully entered more than 380 cities in more than 380 cities of 36 countries and regions around the world, including China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Bahrain, Brunei, Georgia, Kuwait, India, South Africa. Hungary, Mongolia, Brazil, the United States, Guatemala, Ecuador, France, Russia, Iraq, Myanmar and other countries. There will be around one million customers purchase products in YOYOSO's brand stores everyday, with strong brand global expansion.


  The good start of Indian market will greatly promote the brand awareness and reputation of YOYOSO in Indian market, laying a solid foundation for the brand to quickly occupy the market. At the same time, YOYOSO headquarters will provide a data-based operating model, efficient supply chain and systematic management guidance to support Tablez's development plan. YOYOSO Headquarters believes that through the joint efforts of the TABLEZ team and YOYOSO headquarters, YOYOSO's products will enter the thousands of homes in India, bringing more surprises to the local consumers. At the same time, achieve greater success in India!