-Industry News2019-10-11

YOYOSO and Saudi Arabia reached a strategic cooperation,Which promotes the booming trade in the Middle East!

  On October 9th, 2019, YOYOSO, the aesthetic life designer brand, held a grand signing ceremony with Saudi Arabia's strategic partners, both of who reached a strategic cooperation agreement!


  (Mr.Xie, co-founder of YOYOSO brand, signed a strategic cooperation with Saudi partner Mr. Aziz Saif)


  (Mr.Xie, co-founder of YOYOSO brand, signed a strategic cooperation with Saudi partner Mr. Aziz Saif)

  Ms. Ma Huan, founder and chairman of YOYOSO, Mr. Xie Wenliang, co-founder of YOYOSO, and the representative of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Aziz Saif and Mr. Mustafa Saif jointly attended the signing ceremony.


  (Ms. Ma Huan, founder of YOYOSO brand, delivered the opening speech)


  (Speech by Mr. Mustafa Saif, Saudi Arabian partner)

  Known as the oil kingdom, Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries with the largest oil reserves, production and sales in the world. Due to oil exports and the implementation of free economic and trade policies, the Saudi economy has maintained a relatively fast growth momentum and brought tremendous opportunities for global market development. YOYOSO's presence in Saudi Arabia is an important layout of the brand in the Middle East market with more than 5,000 high-quality and super-cost-effective daily necessities, which are endowed with aesthetic design and continuously delivered to the local area. It is not only enriches the shopping selectivity of local consumers but brings a new shopping experience that is more comfortable and fashionable.


  (Mr. Xie Wenliang, Co-founder of YOYOSO Brand, and Saudi partners presents gifts with each other)

  In the future, the two sides will strengthen alliance and get mutual benefits to inject new strength into the local department store industry. Due to the Saudi company's choice and trust in YOYOSO, YOYOSO will continue to provide more great designed, efficient and cost-effective products for Saudi Arabian consumers, and promote the booming trade in the Middle East!