-Industry News2020-06-24

YOYOSO Hungary Szeged Store Grand Opening!

  Recently, YOYOSO had opened a new store in Szeged, Hungary. A large number of YOYOSO fans and local consumers came to experience the fast fashion of aesthetics and feel the quality of the new retail as soon as the new store opened.



  Hungary is a landlocked country in the middle of Europe, bordering Romania and Ukraine in the east, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia in the south, Austria in the west and Slovakia in the north.Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a major political, commercial and transportation center and the largest city. It is also a famous ancient city in Europe. The service industry and tourism are developing rapidly and are relatively developed.YOYOSO believes that "Good brands have no borders;good product, global love", aesthetic fast fashion department store has unlimited development potential and broad market space in Hungary, and on the basis of attentive service to every consumer, deliver daily life pleasure.



  The opening of the new store is the third store of YOYOSO in Hungary. Relying on the rich overseas operation experience of the brand and the understanding of local consumers' shopping needs, it is popular and sought after by young consumers.YOYOSO has more than 5000 fast fashion aesthetic products and 500 new ones every month. YOYOSO integrates "aesthetic design" into life, providing consumers with "comfortable, natural, simple and fashionable" quality life experience!



  YOYOSO is favored by consumers all over the world with its competitive price performance and good quality products with a strong sense of design.At present, YOYOSO's business map has covered more than 40 countries, including Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Bahrain, Georgia, Kuwait, India, South Africa, Hungary, Mongolia, the United States, Ecuador, France, Russia, Iraq, and more than 380 cities, with a total of over 1000 stores worldwide.



  In the future, YOYOSO will continue to strive toward the goal of "ten thousand stores in a hundred countries and thousands cities", accelerate the global layout, and bring high quality products with competitive price performance to more countries.